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Our  services are based on the principle that the body is fully equipped to heal itself of all health conflicts, from major chronic conditions to smaller transient discomforts. These symptoms are our bodies’ cry for help and the key to healing lies within.

Occasionally, our bodies can forget how to heal and need a push in the right direction. Conventional methods of treating illness can often focus solely on alleviating symptoms.

At Holistic Essentials, we aim to correct the underlying imbalance that is causing the symptoms instead of masking the root cause through the use of pharmaceuticals. 

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Hope Marino - Founder

This can be accomplished by using herbs, botanicals, nutritional supplementation, ancient energetic healing arts and lifestyle changes.

By focusing on correcting imbalances in the body, the symptoms one has been experiencing diminish on their own over time.

Our goal is to promote overall balance of the mind, body and spirit, which are all contingent on the healthful state of each other.

We work with herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, essential oils, bach flowers, energy healing arts and lifestyle changes to assist our clients with their health challenges.

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